After the long time of availability of Windows Live Essentials RTW. Today Microsoft has released Windows Live Movie Maker from beta as part of a refresh to our Windows Live Essentials download.

Windows Live Movie Maker is the first application designed for Windows 7 and is built to make beautiful movies from your photos and videos very quickly. Download the new Windows Live Movie Maker to get an immediate (and free!) upgrade to your Windows Live experience.

Windows Live Movie Maker features:

Add photos and videos:

  • You can easily start your project by adding photos and videos to Movie Maker beta. Add videos and photos right in Movie Maker beta or through Windows Live Photo Gallery beta.

Personalize your movie:

  • Include transitions and effects, plus other touches to make your movie (A file created by combining the audio, video, and photos contained in your project into one video file. Movie files are created when you output or publish your movie in Movie Maker beta, and are saved as a Windows Media file with a .wmv file name extension.) your own.
  • Add a soundtrack: Add a music soundtrack to set the mood for your movie.

Preview at anytime:

  • You can watch a preview of your movie (or a single video or photo) at anytime in the editing process to see how your project (Contains information about the videos and photos you’ve added, edited, and arranged on the storyboard in Windows Live Movie Maker beta. ) looks so far. Then make other changes if you want, or start making and sharing your movie.

Make and share your movie:

  • This is the final step where you make your movie, so you can share it with family and friends. You can output your movie as a video file on your computer, or you can publish your movie to a website, such as Soapbox on MSN Video.

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