At Mobile World Congress, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced that the first major update to Windows Phone 7 will be rolled out to consumers in March. However Windows Phone Developer Tools have already get the update and available for developers.

Steve Ballmer also unveiled mobile version of Internet Explorer 9 for Windows Phone 7 as a part of the evolution of Windows Phone 7. The availability of IE9 Mobile yet to announce but it is expected in Q2 of 2011.

Windows Phone 7 Update Adds Multitasking, New Internet Explorer

Additionally, loads of functionality and features will be delivered in 2011, including copy n paste, Kinect integration, multitasking, Twitter integration, support for Office Web Apps.

Besides Internet Explorer 9 for Windows has already reached at RC stage and the feature complete IE9 RC is available for download for Windows 7 and Windows Vista. IE9 is all around fast and has already made its impact, reason being IE9 Mobile would be a catalyst to Windows Phone 7.

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