Mozilla revamped the GUI of future versions i.e. v3.7 of its Firefox web browser for the Windows OS. The Windows theme revamping have already been published on Mozilla Wiki.

Main aspects of the Firefox 3.7 GUI redesign:

Embracing Glass: Toolbar and Tabs using Glass. Buttons translucent and slightly glossy to meld with the toolbar. Raised 3D look achieve tactile “feel”.

Page Button: Connect the Page button to the left side of the tab area. Directly connected to the Page.

Tools/Bookmark Bar: Connecting the Tools button to the side of the Window to emphasize the fact that it is used for customizing and changing the UI. Adding a button next to that to toggle the Bookmarks Bar which is turned off by default.

2 responses to “Mozilla redesigned GUI of Firefox web browser for the Windows OS”

  1. Mr. Spark Avatar
    Mr. Spark

    Looks cool :)

    1. Author Avatar

      Definitely… this time FF w%d gonna rock with Windows Aero.

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