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It’s a delightful to share this moment that I won Microsoft .NET Champion title for the month of April. This title just doesn’t represent me, it represents each and everyone who likes my work. I feel very honored to be .NET Rockstar and would like to thank all my friends, readers and voters for their support and encouragement.

The .NET Champions competition was run by Microsoft from 15th January to 30th June 2010, where participants share their stories and nominate themselves as a .NET Champion and get people to vote for them.

I shared the story of our famous Problem Solver Assistant called FixWin that fixes common Windows annoyances and issues caused by multiple virus infections, change of system settings in dilemma and applying unknown tweaks and Windows Registry Settings.

Thanks to my friend Ankur Mittal, who got attention very first and informed me that my story was chosen as April Winner of the .NET Champions and showcased on MSDN Flash India Newsletter, June 2010. Yesterday I got confirmation email from .Net Champions Program Team.

Here’s an excerpt of my story:

Problem Statement:

Windows not working properly due to Viruses Infection, Change of system settings in dilemma & applying unknown tweaks. To resolve such issues, it requires depth knowledge of Windows Registry and advanced settings.

Solution Description:

It fixes common Windows annoyances, issues and reset system settings to default caused by Viruses Infection, Change of system settings in dilemma & applying unknown tweaks and Windows Registry Settings.

Why does the customer love it?

It is like magic wand to correct common Windows programs with one click on a button. FixWin is free utility, requires around 500KB of space and run without installation and repairs or fixes the most 50 different Windows glitches, each fix is as easy as clicking a button.An End-User can use it easily and can be treated as Windows problem solver assistant.Reason being, it has been reviewed and featured in PCWorld Magazine and Fox8Live News.

What makes it cool and unique?

It is a portable application, can be carried in USB drive. No installation Required.It detects which version of Windows is running so it can display the appropriate fixes.Designed for Windows Vista and Windows 7 (all x86 and x64 editions).

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    Thank You !!!

  2. Wg Cdr JP Avatar
    Wg Cdr JP

    I have used your UWT and not surprised that you have won .NET Champion title.

  3. Ganesh Avatar

    Congts Ramesh Kumar…..

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