The most popular data disc burning software Nero is being offered absolutely free by Nero AG. Since Nero 6, Nero burning suite has become bloat ware, that requires high-end PCs. But now get relief, Nero 9 Essentials is free now and can be downloaded from Nero Download Center.


But don’t expect to get full featured Nero 9 suite for free. It is stripped down StartSmart with basic features, allow to CD and DVD copying and Data CD and DVD burning with possibility to erase discs.

The package is size of 55MB, gives only the essential functions, as well as the lack of manual or help file. The “Rip and Burn”, “Create and Edit”, “Home Entertainment” and “Backup” menus are present in the interface, but are restricted to the paid version of the software, to which you can upgrade directly from the Essentials edition.

How to get it

Just follow the link and enter your email address to activate download button.

PS: It doesn’t give functionality to burn Audio, Video and MP3 discs.

2 responses to “Nero 9 Essentials is free now, a stripped down version with basic functionality”

  1. Heartmac Avatar

    I also got taken by this free program. I already have 10, but this was free with plextor burner. It even took over my mp3’s and icon pointed to a cheap player. Human interface in dropping files for data was quite restricked. I really love Nero but some other company produced this essential one. Remove thru control panel.

  2. Ganesh Avatar

    Thanks for the update……but in this we can only create Data disc and Copy entire disc
    but anyways……..good news for the free customers.

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