Undoubtedly! It was expected, the price of Nokia Lumia 710 has been slashed in India. Now Nokia Lumia 710 is available now for 15,490 INR only. Initially the smartphone was made available for around 18,999 INR.

Over the past few years, Nokia has been losing its market share in India due to availability of cheaper smartphones. Additionally Nokia Lumia 710 is not getting enough attention in Indian mobile users, while the Lumia 800 is doing better but it is still overpriced.

Nokia Lumia 710

Nokia Lumia 710 is the entry level Windows Phone and is intended to target the mid-range by offering a device at a lower price point. The Lumia 710 features a 3.7 inch LCD screen and 8 GB of storage and comes with exchangeable back covers.

Some major online retailers like LetsBuy.com and Flipkart.com have dropped the prices and offering the Lumia 710 for only 15,490 and 15,699 INR respectively.

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