Opera Software has released the newer version of Opera web browser, code-named Marlin for Windows and Mac OS. The release is based on Chromium, and it’s a major reinvention for Opera. Chromium is an open-source project, operated by Google and used for its own Chrome browser.

Although the browser uses the same Webkit engine that powers Google Chrome but still retains its own features like Speed Dial, Discover, Stash – a feature that records the location, Meta data, and a screenshot of a page and places on Start page that can be searched/scanned and Off-Road mode – a server-side compression technology adopted from Opera Mobile.

Developers claim Opera 15 as completely re-designed web browser that fits better into the operating systems. The design is now modern and slim with new tab bar, icons and combined address and search bar.


So the Opera still keep its own existence without worrying about compatibility and can concentrate on its own features and innovations. Besides, the company is still maintaining version 12.x based on Presto and would continue to release updates and security patches till users adopt Opera 15.

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    Thanks! Eagerly awaiting Wahoo’s final release :D

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