Windows celebrates its 26th birthday today. On the eve, we announces Opportunity 1.0, a theme designed to make user experience better and provide maximum space for the content we deliver. Many improvements have already been made. Now the site is stable, therefore, over the next few weeks, we will be dedicating our entire team to implement new features that we had in mind.

Among various improvements, you will be welcomed with the following key changes:

  • Much faster website with HTML5 + CSS3
  • Get hottest updates via Featured items
  • Overall performance improvements

Not just these improvements on Windows Valley await you; it is now a multi-authored website. Had enough for now? But we have more news for the event, we are now not only a technology website but a new hub, is here. Yeah, you read it right, a forum where user will be able to put their questions and get their possible solutions. The purpose of our communities is to exchange technical expertise and information about the latest technologies all around the world.

Anybody can register to participate in the discussion and post comments at Forum. Additionally you can also sign-in with your Facebook and Twitter account.

We, Windows Valley hopes that you find the time you spend in Windows Valley forum to be useful and also welcomes suggestions for improvement and looks forward to hearing from you; Thanks for visiting.

– Windows Valley Team

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  1. AnandK Avatar

    Congrats Ramesh – Hope you enjoy running your new forum. :)

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