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Today, Microsoft released the QFE1 (QFE stands for Quick Fix Engineering) for Windows Live Essentials, which is being served through Microsoft Update.

This update primarily addresses the top quality-related issues, were reported after Windows Live Essentials 2011 RTW availability. It includes:

  • In Messenger, A couple of issues fixed where in some cases you could not re-establish video calls or file sharing activities after losing your network connection. Also, sometimes your status messages and display picture were not synchronizing correctly between PCs, so you’d see a notification that changes made would not be seen on other computers. Additionally some performance and stability improvements have been made.
  • In Photo Gallery, A design change is made so that geotagging no longer overwrites GPS coordinates in image files.
  • Some Language Translation fixed

You can check to see if you have QFE1 installed by looking at the version number in the About dialog for Messenger or Windows Live Photo Gallery. If your version number is 15.4.3508.1109, you’re running the latest and greatest released build. If you’re running version 15.4.3502.0922. Turn on Microsoft Update and update it ASAP, because the QFE is considered as highly recommend update.

Courtesy: Windows Team Blog

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