Microsoft Office 2010 Suite was made available to MSDN and TechNet subscribers in April 2010. If you downloaded, installed and activated RTM versions of Office Professional Plus 2010 or Visio Professional 2010 between April 22 and May 1, then you must obtain a new product key. Because your current product key does not unlock full functionality of Office 2010 Suite.

The product key assigned to MSDN and TechNet subscribers before May 1,2010 is intended to enable Terminal Services capability. That product key enables installation and activation but does not enable all features. In order to use all of the functionality you must get the new product key that is now available. only need to configure the new key to activate the features. Who obtained their product keys for Office Professional Plus 2010 and Visio Professional 2010 products earlier than May 1, 2010 may not see the following product features enabled.
Affected features
Visio Professional 2010

  • Data Connection

Office Professional Plus 2010

  • Create IRM-protected documents and emails
  • Exchange 2010 Retention Policies
  • Exchange 2010 Online Archive
  • Create labels and barcodes
  • Initiate and complete workflows
  • Publish to PowerPoint Libraries
  • Publish to XL Services

To resolve the issue and unlock these features, there is no additional download required. If you have existing installations of Office 2010 Pro Plus or Visio Professional 2010 with the original MSDN product key then you just need to obtain a new product key and re-activate your Office Professional Plus 2010 or Visio Professional 2010. To change or re-enter product key, you can follow these simple steps: How to Change Product Key in Office Professional Plus 2010 and Visio Professional 2010.

Who obtained product keys after May 1 have the correct keys, so they don’t need to do so.

Courtesy: MSDN

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    my visio profesnal 2010 required to reactivation i am trying to activate it by telephone activation but he says some tecnical problem how i can activate it

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