Just before BUILD conference, Microsoft shared some of key changes in Windows 8 in its B8 weblog posts. The company showcased improved boot times of approx. 7 seconds on machines with SSDs.

Recently, Microsoft shared how they reimagined Windows boot experience. You can see a demo in this video:

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No doubt! It is the biggest shift in Windows platform ever in 30 years. Consumers will get their hands on Windows 8 in late 2012; when touch-first devices may be prevailing than ever. Microsoft keeps its eyes technology changes and therefore they decided to bring a new high-fidelity, immersive, touchable UI boot loader with consolidated view of the functionality you may want before entering the OS.

Windows 8 leverages UEFI’s secure boot to ensure that the pre-OS environment protection. Additionally Windows 8 and UEFI also enable a seamless visual experience from the time; the power is on – one experience owned by two distinct components.

On the whole, new boot process is super-fast and seamless, from the time the power was switched on all the way to the Start screen.

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  1. Albert Avatar

    I genuinely hope Microsoft continue to innovate with Windows. We all know they took their eye off the ball with Vista (or maybe XP was still good enough) – but anyway, keeping up with (and continuing to challenge) Google and Apple is ultimately good for customers.

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