Recently Microsoft introduced Technical Preview of Office 2010, Which includes Office Professional, SharePoint Workspace, InfoPath and Visio. As like Windows 7 Beta/RC, Microsoft is willing to accept suggestions and fix bugs to make this Office suite perfect for every user.

Office 2010 TP offers Feedback Tool including Send-a-Simile, through you can submit likes and dislikes about Office 2010 experience.


Send-a-Smile automatically installs with Office 2010, you’ll see two icons added to the notifications area of the taskbar over by the clock: a Smile to click when you want to give us positive feedback and a Frown to click when there’s something you don’t like on Windows 7.


Clicking on the Smile or Frown will launch the Send-a-Smile tool.

There is a text box to type comment and optionally we can attach screenshot and e-mail address. Screenshots is taken automatically, when tool is launched. We can take screenshot by pressing F10 or clicking on refresh it now link. Finally Submit button takes the part and feedback goes to Microsoft.

These comments go into a database at Microsoft and Office teams review all the comments and act as per Simile.

4 responses to “Report bugs on Office 2010”

  1. Luis Perez Avatar
    Luis Perez

    I’ve been a Microsoft Beta tester now for over 13 years. I have never had such a bad experience.

    This does not work in Office 2010 RTM/GA (final version released to market/general availability).

    The other option (File>Help>Contact US) eventually leads you to a site that make you pay for a submission. Sadly, once you get to realize that this site will only submit your request after you pay, it’s too late. Back button reveals all your data is gone.
    There goes about an hour of my time.

    Time to invest in Open Office. Microsoft has lost touch with their customers.

  2. Charettec Avatar


    How would I submit a bug that does not use the standard Office interface? We are using VB to interface with PowerPoint services.


    1. Author Avatar

      Sure you can use Send Smile Tool, if you getting problem with version 2010.

  3. johan Avatar


    i have created a pst file to keep the space on the server box to a minimum. But all my send items does not what to “deliver” in the send item folder on the pst it stays in the send items folder on the server. I have change the default delivery location to the pst. Do you know how to fix this

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