Social Networking sites are in trends now and almost everyone is part of one or more big social networks on the planet. But the problem that comes up with these sites is how to manage all at once.

If you are one of them who find difficulties to manage your social networking websites; Seesmic is the solution that allows users to simultaneously manage user accounts for multiple social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.


And now Windows Phone Mango users can redefine social experience using Seesmic. Recently the company has updated Seesmic to take advantage of Windows Phone Mango specific features.

Now, you’ll find Pin to Start, Live Tiles, and Support for Fast App Switching, a revised background, and some new UI enhancements.

  • Updated UI: (1) Removed buttons from the home panorama and placed them instead in the app bar. (2) Removed the search field in the panorama and placed it in the app bar, updating the panorama screen.
  • Implementation of Live Tiles: Similar to shortcuts, users can pin a handful of Twitter feeds (including Home Timeline, Replies, Direct Messages) to the start menu. Live Tiles also include a notification when a user receives a message.
  • Fast App switching: When a user presses and holds the back button, he can move to another app. The support for this feature includes keeping the application active when a user moves back without restarting the application.

Seesmic is absolutely free and users can download and install it from links given below:


Seesmic for Windows Phone Mango


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