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Seesmic has announced today its new multi-posting platform, Seesmic Ping for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and web.

Seesmic Ping allows you to post to social network websites like Facebook, Twitter and so forth natively as you want. Perhaps the most exciting change is the addition of scheduling and the ability to post to multiple Twitter accounts and Facebook pages. It also enables to post via web and email.

Seesmic Ping

The official page summaries, “Post what you want, when you want.  Anywhere, anytime, on any device.”

“We’ll look to have more features and services when Seesmic Ping comes out of beta as a paid service,” quoted from the official blog.

Sooner or later, Seesmic Ping will be a paid service and desktop version for Windows and Mac OS will be released soon. However in beta, Seesmic Ping is free and you can sign up to have ride of Seesmic Ping through your mobile or the web.

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