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Yesterday I was working with newly released Windows Live Writer beta, a desktop blog-publishing application that is part of the Windows Live Essentials. I was shocked that Find and Replace feature is missing natively. The only question is in my mind was “How is it possible?”; I also tried to look for the same in earlier release (Windows Live Writer 2009). I was disappointed when came to know Windows Live Writer doesn’t offer a very useful and important feature since its initial release.

Thanks to Windows Live Team for Plug-in Options; there are all sorts of plug-ins and we can add new feature & even more. And today I have found a solution i.e. Imtech Find & Replace plugin by Waldek Mastykarz, SharePoint Server MVP.

Find and Replace

As author says, the plug-in works with Windows Live Writer 1.0 and above and I have tested it with both Live Writer 2009 & latest beta and its working fine. The plug-in has been wrapped in an MSI installer. So just download & run the setup and the plug-in with be automatically copied to Plugins directory of Windows Live Writer.

Download: Imtech Find & Replace plugin

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