Microsoft brings the whole universe to your desktop. With alliance of GTGraphics, Microsoft released a Space theme for Windows 7 featuring stunning spacescapes.

The official description reads, “Send your desktop to the furthest reaches of the universe with these fantastic photorealistic images of distant planets and outer space events by GTGraphics in this free Windows 7 theme.”

Behind the scene – GTGraphics
The artwork has been done by Tobias Roetsch and Jeff Michelmann, who are self-taught artists; college students. Another surprising fact is that both founders of GTGraphics have never actually met in person. Jeff lives in Munich, and Tobias in Dresden, and they met in cyberspace while playing the Digital Anvil space combat and inter-planetary trading game “Freelancer.” From their mutual enthusiasm for the science fiction game and their love for the genre as a whole, they discovered a shared interest in and talent for creating science fiction themed artwork and illustrations, and GTGraphics was born.
Download: Space by GTGraphics theme
Courtesy: Windows Team Blog

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