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Microsoft has confirmed that the up-gradation process is now complete. Over 350 million customers owning 1.3 billion inboxes have been upgraded to latest edition of free email messaging platform Hotmail Wave 4.

The rollout of Wave 4 has been done. Microsoft introduced Hotmail Wave 4 in May 2010 and the up-gradation process started on the 15th of June and first 50 million accounts were upgraded. Now everyone can take advantage of Wave 4 release. Microsoft appreciates feedback, they received – for instance Messenger no longer signs-in by default. The company will continue to go through feedback to make improvements and updates. So You can either give feedback and suggestion at support forums or click the feedback link right in Hotmail.

Mike Schackwitz says-
Here at Hotmail, we’ve had quite a busy week! All of our customers are now upgraded. The majority of you got the new Hotmail just this past week, as we completed the rollout to over 350 million people in more than 220 countries around the world. Now, everyone can take advantage of a faster Hotmail experience with great new features like one-click filters, Sweep, Active Views and more.

If you don’t have a Hotmail account, signup here and experience new email messaging platform with advanced security protection. Besides you can tryout latest beta of Windows Live Essentials which enhances your Windows Live experience like sharing photos, movies, instant messaging, email, blogging, and more.

2 responses to “The new Hotmail Wave 4 is now available to everyone!”

  1. Ganesh Avatar

    its awesome….earlier it available in my single account but now all are in Wave 4….The best Email service provider…

  2. Emil Avatar

    Congratulations Microsoft for the new uppgrade at Hotmail.

    Unfortunately I’m one of the users that is not that happy with the latest experience of my own accounts.
    First of all it’s been a serious issue of the graphic interface which doesn’t wana cope with my 17″ CRT screen and together with configured resolution of 800×600 which is the only I can use with my Nvidia Graphic card.
    Further on I’ve been used to MS XP and Hotmail products since 2004 and are today one of the advanced experienced users in Scandinavia that both followed up beta testing aswell helping new users on MS official forums online in my own country in Europe. From my point of view there is something behind Microsofts statement that doesn’t compare all the way. During last week I’ve spent quite many hours at Hotmails support forum and there hasn’t been that many cases before of users with troubles connected to lost e-mails and damaged accounts. One of the biggest issues has also been to solve, how should I do to connect my e-mail program to my e-mail account. Only that question tells quite much for itself how peoples feels about the new web experience when dealing with their new developed accounts. I can only tell that I am not satisfied with this new experience. And I am also very worried about how Microsoft and MSN Hotmail Live abuse their users private details for purpose of advertisements in collaboration with other partners. The legal aspects in this is not ethical correct at all. To go back to the screen I doesn’t faced any issues when visit other websites online so why should this happen at one of Microsofts websites a company that should be the first one on the market in know how to help people in provide the content in appropriate compatibility for their users convenience.
    Hotmail wont meet a more worse moment than this one when so many users want to leave them.
    R.I.P Hotmail 

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