Recently, Windows 7 RTM has been made available for MSDN and TechNet Subscribers including Windows 7 Beta Program participants(Invitation only). In past few days, I have received a question over size of Windows 7 ISO images and their SHA1 and CRC.

The SHA1s and CRC are all different for each Windows 7 x86 ISO and x64 ISO. Why?

MSDN and TechNet websites are offering separate x86 and x64 ISO images of Windows 7 for each edition, even the size of ISO images are same. That’s quite strange thing.

Windows 7

Microsoft has dropped pick a desired edition approach from a single ISO. The deal is that still each ISO is an ALL in ONE disc that have every edition. However, each ISO has been pre-configured to install the version that is mentioned. You won’t get a drop down or choice or option wizard, when you go through the installation as like Windows Vista, because Windows 7 accept product key at first logon. Where 99% things are done.

So suppose, you download the Windows 7 Home Premium ISO and when product key is prompted; you put Windows 7 Professional x86 product key. What will happen is that it will deny that key.

3 responses to “The SHA1s and CRC are all different for each Windows 7 x86 ISO and x64 ISO. Why?”

  1. l3x0r Avatar

    the difference is created by the file \sources\ei.cfg and his content included in image.
    the check-sum is for entire image. the single difference is that file.

  2. palla sridhar Avatar
    palla sridhar

    hye, what about the ultimate edition.

    1. Author Avatar

      Ultimate edition has the same size. It applies to all editions of Windows 7 x86 and x64 ISOs.

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