As you know, Microsoft will not release Ultimate Extras for Windows 7, but good thing is that Microsoft is going to reveal two games Tinker and Hold’Em for Windows. Both games are the components of Ultimate Extras, which is delivered to Windows Vista Ultimate only.

Ultimate Extras was not appreciated widely when it was introduced to Windows Vista Ultimate users. But both of games Tinker and Hold’Em are still rocking and even people ask me on Communities.

“Can we have Tinker and Hold’Em games for Windows 7?”
“How can port both of games to Windows 7?” Any trick? Any solution?

And finally Microsoft heard the voice of communities and their consumers. The whole Ultimate Extras stuff won’t be released but both games will be available FRRE. Microsoft didn’t reveal any particular date yet, so we can expect sooner rather than later, we’ll experience both of games on our Windows 7 PC.

Microsoft says

Need a break? If you like classic platform puzzles, or just want to play a quick hand of cards, we have a couple of great new games coming soon to Games for Windows!

So keep your eyes on Games for Windows.

2 responses to “Ultimate Extra Games for Windows 7 Coming Soon”

  1. Karthik.K Avatar

    This is a good sign! Windows 7 going rocket high! :) With less bugs compared to its competitor!

  2. ArvindK Avatar

    Thanks for the news…
    and its great to hear as also in in previous versions of Windows I used to play games more rather than any 3rd party games.
    And in Vista with lots of UI improvements games became much more interesting.
    Just waiting for new taste of games for Windows 7.

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