If you want to explore Google Chrome a bit more then check out its special URLs just like Mozilla Firefox has. These URLs load application specific pages, instead of websites or files on disk.

About Google Chrome

  • about:version or about: – Version of Chrome, WebKit, V8, and the command line options used to launch.
  • about:about – List of about pages.
  • about:appcache-internals – HTML 5 Application Cache diagnostics.
  • about:blob-internals – Blob storage diagnostics.
  • about:view-http-cache – A list of all the web pages cached by Google Chrome.
  • about:credits – Credits, licenses, and links for all software used to make Chrome.
  • about:dns – DNS prefetching engine diagnostics.
  • about:flags – Experimental browser features.
  • about:gpu – Graphics card information, used to assist in GPU acceleration debugging.
  • about:histograms – Detailed technical metrics.
  • about:memory – Memory used by tabs.
  • about:net-internals – Network diagnostics.
  • about:plugins – List of installed plugins (not extensions), with disable support for diagnostics.
  • about:stats – List of internal counters and timers
  • about:sync – Synchronization engine diagnostics.
  • about:tasks – List of tasks
  • about:tcmalloc – Stats as of last page load.
  • about:terms – Terms of service.

Besides there are few more URLs that opens Chrome’s well-known places.

  • chrome://bookmarks – Open Bookmark manager.
  • chrome://downloads – Open Download manager.
  • chrome://extensions – Open Extensions manager.
  • chrome://history – Shows Page history.
  • chrome://print – Print Preview

These are the few internal pages that may be useful to you. And if you know more or additional and want to share with us. We welcome you…

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