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Firefox is the one of the popular web-browser, built by Mozilla Corporation. But if you care to look under the hood; it is obvious that secrets can’t be found on surface. If you are technical end user or want to more about Mozilla Firefox, you are at right place. Firefox has few special URLs or pages that open up a world of obscure information.

  • about: – About Mozilla Firefox, similar to “Help -> About”.
  • about:about – Lists of about URLs or Pages.
  • about:addons – Open Add-ons Manager.
  • about:buildconfig – Shows build configuration including platform, build tools with compiler flags and Configuration arguments.
  • about:cache – Information about the cached pages by Firefox.
  • about:config – Internal settings saved in prefs.js.
  • about:crashes – List of submitted crash reports.
  • about:credits – List of people who have made a significant investment of time to Firefox project.
  • about:home – Displays Google Search featuring Firefox (Start page).
  • about:license – License information of Mozilla project.
  • about:logo – Mozilla logo (shown in About Mozilla dialog box).
  • about:memory – Memory usage information by web contents.
  • about:mozilla – Opens “The Book of Mozilla” page.
  • about:plugins – List of installed plugins (enabled only).
  • about:privatebrowsing – Offers to launch Private Browsing (similar to CTRL+SHIFT+P).
  • about:rights – Opens know your rights page.
  • about:sessionrestore – Restore session page, appears when Firefox crashes.
  • about:support – Technical information about all configuration that is used to troubleshoot problems.
  • about:sync-tabs – Sync tabs from other computers.

These are the few internal pages of Firefox (retrieved from Firefox 4 beta 7). If you know additional or would like share with us. We welcome you…

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