Few days back Google released stable release of Chrome 8 that comes with new “About:Flags” originally called about:labs earlier. It is a special URL or internal page of Google Chrome which allows to enable or disable experimental features.

Here is the list of available feature in Google Chrome 8 (stable release):

  • Side Tabs – Adds a “Use Side Tabs” entry to the tabstrip’s context menu. Use this to toggle between tabs on top (default) and tabs on the side. Useful on widescreen monitors.
  • Tabbed Settings – Uses an in-tab UI for the Settings (Options/Preferences) dialog instead of a stand-alone window.
  • Instant – Makes the address bar load urls as you type.
  • Remoting – Remoting Host support.
  • Disable outdated plug-ins – Automatically s plug-ins with known security vulnerabilities and offers update links for them.
  • XSS Auditor – Enables WebKit’s XSS Auditor (cross-site scripting protection). This feature aims to protect you from certain attacks of malicious web sites. It improves your security, but it might not be compatible with all web sites.
  • Background WebApps – Allows installed web apps to run in the background at system startup and continue running after all windows are closed.
  • Cloud Print Proxy – Enables a background service that connects the Google Cloud Print service to any printers installed on this computer. Once this lab is d, you can turn Google Cloud Print on by logging in with your Google account in the Options/Preferences in the Under the Hood section.
  • GPU Accelerated Compositing – Enables 3D CSS and higher performance compositing of web pages using Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) hardware.
  • WebGL – Enables canvas elements to use 3D graphics via the WebGL API.
  • Click-to-Play – Click on a blocked plug-in to run it.

These experimental features may change, break, or disappear at any time.

Applies To:

  • Google Chrome 8 or Higher

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