Recently Microsoft has unwrapped changes in RC build 7033 in comparison of public beta (build 7000). There are many under the hood changes including bug fixes, compatibility fixes, performance improvements, and improvements. Some changes have been shorted here.

  1. Windows Flip (ALT + TAB) with Aero Peek
  2. Taskbar pinned program and files with “Open With” context menu
  3. Desktop icon and gadget view options: In Beta build it was not possible to change view of desktop and gadgets independently, but now a change has been made to afford independent control to each so that one can opt to hide just her gadgets or just her desktop icons.
  4. User Account Control: change made that will prompt for any modification made to the UAC Control Panel. So finally we have got fixes of UAC since beta.
  5. Locking a machine without a screensaver
  6. Windows Media Player’s Jump List improvement: Media Player’s Jump List provides quick access to the content customers consume. The list becomes even more powerful and complete in the RC now that also includes items launched from Explorer.
  7. Windows Media Player’s compact mode is no more cleaner Now Playing view
  8. FAT32 support: Local FAT32 hard disk drives were not support in libraries for Beta. RC libraries will now support non-removable FAT32 and NTFS hard disk drives.
  9. In Windows 7 the Win+E shortcut opens an explorer window but the path is “Libraries” instead of “Computer” Explorer. RC reverts the behavior and now the shortcut will launch the “Computer” Explorer
  10. Custom theme improvements: Now we can save our custom themes including personalize wallpapers, screensaver, color, cursors etc easily by using “Save theme” command.

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