Microsoft is focusing on next major release of Windows Live Services and Essentials (internally known as “Wave 4”). Today Microsoft official announced that they are implementing the new features and services to current Windows Live services.

Over the last few months, Microsoft released regular builds of Windows Live and tested internally. Now Microsoft wants to expand the testing scenario and wants additional feedback, therefore they’ll shortly roll out beta updates to current web services and applications for Windows PCs, Macs and phones.

Microsoft also promised that you will see tons of great stuff on three key areas – Messenger, Hotmail, and Windows Live Essentials – especially how the Essentials suite completes Windows PC experience and connects PC to the services you use every day.

Windows Live Messenger

You may have hundreds of friends across the numerous social networks and sharing websites and in past few years, instant messaging have been shifted beyond the chatting, to social networks. Therefore the new Messenger is evolving into a companion for social networks (like facebook), so you can share and stay in touch with your friends across several networks with Messenger. The new Messenger will also provide easy and powerful way to customize our experience according to your business.


Hotmail is the most popular web service of Windows Live, is also evolving new changes according to today’s communication style. This means helping you quickly see the mail that matters most, and letting you easily sweep away mail that you don’t want. In other way it will be simpler and easier to share through email, whether you’re sharing and editing Office documents with co-workers, or sharing vacation photos with friends and family.

Windows Live Essentials

Wave 4 of Windows Live Essentials includes the best tools to organize photos, make movies, and keep in touch with friends, all designed for the power of the Windows 7 PC. It’ll focus on connecting your PC to your social networks, your photo sharing services, your phone, and your other PCs – and help you keep things in sync across all the devices you use.

Courtesy: Windows Team Blog

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