Today, Microsoft denies to all rumors of Windows 7 RTM. Recently Windows 7 build 7600 leaked and it was said that its final RTM but it’s not RTM build.

Windows 7 Team Blog:
We are close, but have not yet signed off on Windows 7. We expect Windows 7 to RTM in the 2nd half of July.

Another thing to keep in mind is that when we do a specific build internally of Windows 7 we have an extensive step-by-step validation process to ensure quality. This process takes time. Just because a single build may have “leaked” it does not signal the completion of a milestone such as RTM. As always, don’t believe everything that you read on the Internet.

One response to “Windows 7 build 7600 is not RTM build”

  1. Ganesh Avatar

    Rumors continues, we can’t predict the actual RTM Build. I am agree with MS that its RTM is not just a tag… has quality. “And don’t believe everything that you read on the Interent.”

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