Windows 7 Enterprise 90-Day evaluation copy is available now for the general public. The Windows 7 Enterprise RTM bits are available to TechNet Plus and MSDN Subscribers.

The evaluation copy is the full working version of the Windows 7 Enterprise, the version most of you will be working with in your corporate environment. It is great chance to grab Windows 7 90-day trial copy including (x86 and x64 edition) because Windows 7 Enterprise is not available through retail channels.

It is designed specifically for IT Professionals, so that you can test your software and hardware on a final version of the product. In addition, it provides the opportunity for you to become more familiar with the key improvements over previous versions of the Windows operating system, and experience firsthand how Windows 7 can make your PC environment more productive, secure, and manageable.

Guidelines, before take ride:

Protect your PC and data. Be sure to back up your data.

You have 10 days to activate the product. If not activated within 10 days, the system will shut down once every hour until activated.

How to obtain product key  It will not require a product key (it is embedded with the download).

After the 90-day Trial expires, if you wish to continue to use Windows 7 Enterprise, please note that you will be required to purchase and perform a clean installation of Windows 7, including drivers and applications.

The evaluation copy is only available in five languages: English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish and the download will be available through March 31, 2010.


Download Windows 7 Enterprise 90-Day Trail


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  1. kalpesh Avatar

    i need windos 7 urgently will you send windows 7 urgently for me

  2. kousik duary Avatar
    kousik duary

    Windows 7 Enterprise 90-Day Trail is required for our office use

  3. kousik duary Avatar
    kousik duary

    windows is an ecellent software.

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