After GA of Windows 7. I have got lots of email about Windows 7 Price list in India. So here is the answer, Microsoft has made available Windows 7 in India at much lower price in comparison to other countries.

Windows 7 has total 6 SKUs including Windows 7 Starter and Windows 7 Enterprise. We have got confirmed prices from Microsoft India as follows:

Windows 7 Ultimate (FPP) – 9,650 INR
No-compromise SKU for all Windows features, including managed environments, advanced data protection, networking.

Windows 7 Professional (FPP) – 9,100 INR
Business-focused SKU for small and lower mid-market companies and users who have networking, backup, and security needs and multiple PCs or servers.

Windows 7 Home Premium (FPP) – 6,100 INR
Standard consumer SKU; features advanced graphics effects, support for touch-screen interfaces, and Media Center, among other features.

Windows 7 Home Basic (FPP) – 4,800 INR
Simple version of Windows 7; offers a basic Windows interface and feature list.  Home Basic is meant for accessing the internet and running basic productivity applications.

Windows 7 is now available in India at leading Retail outlets.
* FPP – Full Package Product

Windows Anytime Upgrade-

  • Windows 7 Home Basic to Home Premium- Rs 2,175 INR
  • Windows 7 Home Premium to Ultimate- Rs 5,775 INR

More Information about Windows 7 SKUs

-UPDATE 07/07/2010

5 responses to “[Updated] Windows 7 Prices in India”

  1. kiranphalke Avatar

    Which version ( cheapest) of win7 64 bit is good for recording vst and audio with a sequencer like nuendo cubase or presonus studio one?

  2. Dinesh Avatar

    If my requirement satisfy by Windows7 starter licence , I dont need Windows 7 Professional is it possible. or require to purchase or upgrade Windows 7 Professional.


    1. Admin Avatar

      You don’t need to buy or upgrade Windows 7 Professional if Windows 7 Starter is sufficient for you. FYI Windows 7 Starter edition is available via OEM channels only.

  3. Puneet Bajaj Avatar
    Puneet Bajaj

    These prices are the MRP of Windows 7 in India….basically $ converted to Rs. Also the retailers can offer some discount too…..
    so thats how u get it cheaper Jenil !

  4. Jenil Avatar

    Windows 7 Home Premium (FPP) – 6,799 INR wen i asked they said its nearly 5000 ….

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