Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 7 Touch Pack will be available for download soon for OEMs. In May 2009, Microsoft announced the Windows 7 Touch Pack brings a range of touch-friendly applications.

The Touch Pack for Windows 7 is consist of many applications, including: Microsoft Blackboard, Microsoft Garden Pond, Microsoft Rebound, Microsoft Surface Globe, Microsoft Surface Collage, and Microsoft Surface Lagoon. But Microsoft didn’t confirm any actual release date for the Touch Pack for Windows 7 so far.

Here are few snapshots of Touch Pack applications, in order to use these applications, you require a Windows 7 PC that supports multi-touch capabilities.

Microsoft Surface Globe:

Microsoft Surface Globe

Microsoft Surface Collage:

Microsoft Surface Collage

Microsoft Surface Lagoon:

Microsoft Surface Lagoon

Microsoft Blackboard:

Microsoft Blackboard

Microsoft Rebound:

Microsoft Rebound

Microsoft Garden Pond:

Microsoft Garden Pond

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