These are not just words… Microsoft is up to its words and making Windows as a safe, secure and reliable computing environment release by release.

Microsoft has addressed a broader range of security concerns in Windows 8, like protection against malware, social engineering attacks, enhanced mitigation features and built-in real time protection provided by Windows Defender.

We hear people saying, “Windows is not secure environment itself and they have to buy security solutions.” But gone are days, if you don’t have another solution installed, Windows 8 will provide you protection with an improved version of Windows Defender.

Initially Windows Defender as-is Microsoft AntiSpyware was released for Windows XP and then after it was integrated in Windows Vista and Windows 7. But now-a-days Microsoft Security Essentials, a free antimalware protection takes the charge and disables Windows Defender.

In Windows 8, Windows Defender has turned to Security Essentials or its vice-versa. It defends Windows with real-time protection against all types of malware, including viruses, worms, bots and rootkits using a file system filter, and interfaces with Windows secured boot, another new Window 8 protection feature.

The paradigm involved in Windows 8, is the best Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) to date. Additionally Windows 8 includes mitigation enhancements that further reduce the likelihood of common attacks and the use of URL and application reputation to help protect you against social engineering attacks.

Here’s a video that shows you Windows Defender and SmartScreen URL and application reputation in action:

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