Here’s a good news for Windows 7 users; Windows 8 is being designed to play nicely with existing hardware. If your PC is running Windows 7 or Windows Vista, then it won’t require any additional hardware to run upcoming Windows operating system.

When Windows Vista was released, system requirements were suffered dramatically and Microsoft had to pay the price. With release of Windows 7, Microsoft cleared the decay and retained the same hardware requirements for Windows 7.

Now Microsoft is working hard to do the same one more time.

Windows 8 won’t require any more hardware oomph – memory, disk space graphics, etc. – than Windows 7, said Steven Sinofsky at D9 Conference.

In addition, Lee Stott, Academic Evangelist at Microsoft UK also confirmed, “Windows 8 will not require any specific enhancement to hardware in terms of memory, disk space, CPU than Windows 7 and exciting for the UK Academic space is Windows 8 will run on Intel, AMD and ARM based chips.”

Here are the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 7, just to get an idea of what it will take to run Windows 8. So be ready to run next Windows operating system without investing any more to hardware.

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