Windows Defender in Windows 8

I’m sure that you may have got your hands on Windows 8 Consumer Preview. As you will notice, Windows 8 doesn’t notify, “Windows did not find antivirus software on this computer.” Because it comes with a built-in AV protection called “Windows Defender”.

Shocked! But it is true. Windows Defender is now an Antivirus suite, providing silent and resilience protection in Windows 8 against viruses, malwares and other potential threats. The new Windows Defender has been totally revamped or I must say Microsoft Security Essentials has been re-formed as Windows Defender in Windows 8. Interestingly, both Windows Defender and Security Essentials shares exactly same antimalware engine.

Windows Defender in Windows 8
Windows Defender in Windows 8

Microsoft has not yet detailed on it because Windows 8 Consumer Preview is not a final product and represents a work in progress. I’m pretty sure people like me who don’t want to spend penny on AV protection will welcome such plan while many of AV companies may have hard time very soon.

With Windows Defender in Windows 8, more than ever Microsoft may be helping consumers to protect their PCs. To learn more about Windows 8, including the new features and benefits, visit Windows 8 in Windows Valley.

Note: The current version of MSE has some compatibility issues with Windows 8; and it is advised not to install MSE in Windows 8.

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