earning to go. Download one of these step-by-step guides and quickly learn how to do essential Windows activities. Handy for you, and possibly for that certain someone who’s always asking for your help.


Don’t keep the fun to yourself, help your friends join in.

  • Set up your PC for gaming
    PDF (1.37 MB)
  • Casual games on Windows
    PDF (3.50 MB)

Work anywhere

Show your friends how to get more done on the road.

  • Using your Windows Mobile phone
    PDF (818 KB)
  • Stay Connected with your Mobile PC
    PDF (1.03 MB)
  • Using Windows Live Hotmail and SkyDrive
    PDF (1.88 MB)

TV, video, & movies

Share how to access video, music, and photos from anywhere.

  • Use your PC for music
    PDF (3.13 MB)
  • Create basic home videos
    PDF (3.35 MB)
  • Get the most entertainment from Windows Mobile
    PDF (942 KB)
  • Get the most entertainment from Media Center
    PDF (3.80 MB)


Show anyone easy ways to edit photos and share them on the web.

  • Import, store, and organize your photos
    PDF (1.87 MB)
  • Edit your digital photos
    PDF (4.49 MB)
  • Share your digital photos
    PDF (2.71 MB)

PC basics: Get more out of Windows

Start helping at the beginning, with the essential stuff everyone needs to know.

  • Using Windows Vista
    PDF (2.86 MB)
  • Using parental controls
    PDF (1.32 MB)
  • Add new hardware and devices
    PDF (1.05 MB)
  • Using remote assistance
    PDF (1.57 MB)
  • Networking 101
    PDF (1.42 MB)
  • Security 101
    PDF (1.81 MB)
  • Printing 101
    PDF (1.31 MB)

Source: Microsoft Corporation

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