Windows Live Wave 4 brings keyboard shortcuts to Hotmail and it can save you time when you are checking your Inbox. If you are more familiar with Gmail or Yahoo keyboard shortcuts, then don’t worry Windows Live Hotmail Wave 4 gives flexibility to use corresponding keyboard shortcuts in Gmail or Yahoo.

Typically keyboard shortcuts  are alternates for invoking one or more commands. You can enable/disable keyboard shortcuts from Hotmail’s Options, meanwhile you can choose Gmail or Yahoo keyboard shortcuts and facilitate yourself to save valuable time.

Change keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts:

To Windows Live Hotmail Yahoo! Gmail
Delete Delete Delete #
Create Ctrl+N N C
Send Ctrl+Enter Alt+S  
Open Ctrl+Shift+O   O
Print Ctrl+Shift+P P  
Reply Ctrl+R R R
Reply to all Ctrl+Shift+R A A
Forward Ctrl+Shift+F F F
Save a draft Ctrl+S Ctrl+S Ctrl+S
Mark as junk Ctrl+Shift+J   !
Mark as read Ctrl+Q K Ctrl+I
Mark as unread Ctrl+U Shift+K Shift+U
Move to a folder Ctrl+Shift+V D  
Open the next message Ctrl+. Ctrl+. N
Open the previous message Ctrl+, Ctrl+, P
Close a message Esc Esc U
Search e-mail messages / S /
Check spelling F7    
Select all S then A   * then A
Deselect all S then N   * then N
Go to the Inbox G then I M G then I
Go to your People page G then P   G then C
Go to your Calendar G then C    
Go to Messenger G then M    
Go to your Home page G then H    
Go to your Drafts folder F then D   G then D
Go to your Sent folder F then S   G then T

If a cell is empty, there is no corresponding keyboard shortcut in Gmail or Yahoo!.

Courtesy: Windows Live Hotmail Help

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