Recently Microsoft launched Windows Live Planet, a new social networking website that is very similar to Orkut and Facebook that focuses on building online communities of people who share interests and/or activities, or who are interested in exploring the interests and activities of others.


The strange thing is, there is not so much buzz on weblogs and Press Releases from Microsoft. The design and user interface is awesome like other Microsoft websites.

Windows Live Planet

Microsoft says:

Wouldn’t you love an online destination just like your favorite Friday evening watering hole? Hanging, checking out interesting faces and making lots of new Friends!

Whether you’re looking for your ‘Siamese Twin’ or are a strong believer in the ‘Opposites Attract’ theory, Windows Live Planet is the latest hangout in town! WLP is an all-new, exciting zone to meet interesting strangers and peek, wink or ask them out. At WLP, you can check your match-meter with everybody on the planet or just move on to the next interesting person.


All you need to do is complete your profile: I am (demographics), I do (habits), I feel (attitudes) & I like (interests), and just like that, Windows Live Planet will open up a whole new world! The Match Meter automatically suggests friends, and even lets you find friends exactly the way you want!

WLP also has your favorite Windows Live Messenger right within the web page, so you can chat and stay connected with all your new and old friends. What’s more you can ‘Populate Your Planet’ by inviting friends from across networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Hi5 and MySpace and see how they match up with you.


You can sign in to the site using your Windows Live/Hotmail/MSN account or otherwise you can use your Gmail or Yahoo or other ids to create a new account.


Once you login, you can set up your profile and connect to your friends if they already in Windows Live Planet or you can invite them to join you. The options like search for friends is mind blowing, just update your profile and it will offer you friends suggestion according to match meter swings. You can leave scribble and keep in touch with friends.


The site also usages the Messenger Web Bar(available in the footer of the website), which enables to chat with your friends, who usages windows Live IDs.


Want to join, click here Windows Live Planet

2 responses to “Windows Live Planet – A social network website by Microsoft”

  1. Kartick Avatar

    Match-meter …,automatic friend suggestions…… sending winks/ask outs…… carrying my buddy list with the web messenger…. Quite innovative I should say….. lets see what they come up wt next!

  2. ArvindK Avatar

    Amazing Experience I had….
    I liked it and I completed my profile 100%….
    Too much flexi network with lots of new features… letting us to know more about social network and stay connected with inbuilt messenger.

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