TechCrunch Disrupt conference is going on in San Francisco and today Microsoft’s Dharmesh Mehta announced that Microsoft’s blogging service, Windows Live Spaces will be terminated and current 30 million active Spaces will be migrated to

WordPress is an open source CMS powered by PHP and MySQL and definitely the leader blogging platform. WordPress is the most popular CMS in use today and approx. 8.5% of all web sites on the internet are now powered by WordPress. Indeed it would be nice move by Microsoft.

The Spaces migration to will be automated and easy, ensuring the movement of blog content, integrated media, comments and links is simple. 8.5% of all web sites on the internet are now powered by WordPress, which represents over 26 million publishers who use WordPress to power their blogs and web sites. About half of those sites – 13 million – are hosted by us on WordPress where they attract one of the largest audiences on the internet: of over a quarter billion people every  month.

Windows Live Spaces

The migration process will be taking place next year in March, so if you own Spaces blog, you’ll need to move it over before then.  You will also be given the option to take backup and download your Spaces content.


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