As I have shared the process of creating Windows 7 AIO – An ISO Image, comprising all editions in one bootable media earlier, now I am sharing the way of creating Windows 8 AIO (All-In-One) bootable ISO.


In this blog post, you will walk through the step by step instructions to create Windows 8 AIO (All-in-One) ISO USB/DVD.


  • Windows 8 ISOs (both x86 and x64).
  • Windows 8 Enterprise ISOs (x86 & x64) – Windows 8 Enterprise is not available through retail channels. (Optional)
  • WinRAR / WinZip or other ISO extracting tool
  • Windows ADK (Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit)
  • Blank DVD (DVD5 – 4.7GB in size) compatible DVD Burner and CD/DVD burning software (like Nero, Roxio, ImgBurn, etc.)

How To:

  1. Download Windows 8 ISOs from MSDN / TechNet sites and extract  to different folders. For instance, I extracted all ISO at following locations (folders):
Windows 8 edition Files location
Windows 8 x64 C:\WIN8x64
Windows 8 x86 C:\WIN8AIO
Windows 8 Enterprise x64 C:\WIN8Ex64
Windows 8 Enterprise x86 C:\WIN8Ex86

You can give any name to the folders.

  1. As I previously blogged, Windows 8 ISO image contains all editions and Windows 8 Product Key defines which edition to be installed. I have unlocked Windows 8 x86 ISO and copied within C:\WIN8AIO which already has two editions i.e. 32-bit versions of Core and Pro in it.
  2. Here’s the chart of Windows 8 different WIM files and their INDEX references which will be required, when we export one edition from a WIM file to another one.

    Windows 8 (x86 & x64)  Windows 8 Enterprise (x86 & x64)
     Pro – 1  Enterprise – 1
    Core – 2
  3. Now run Deployment and Imaging Tools Environment (Command Prompt) as Administrator and then type the following commands:
  4. Imagex /compress maximum /export <path_of_source_wim_file> <index_no> <path_of_destination_wim_file> <description_of_edition>

    For instance,

    Windows 8 Enterprise x86

    Imagex /compress maximum /export C:\WIN8Ex86\sources\install.wim 1 C:\WIN8AIO\sources\install.wim “Windows 8 Enterprise (32-bit)”

    Windows 8 Pro x64

    Imagex /compress maximum /export C:\WIN8x64\sources\install.wim 1 C:\WIN8AIO\sources\install.wim “Windows 8 Pro (64-bit)”

    Windows 8 Core x64

    Imagex /compress maximum /export C:\WIN8x64\sources\install.wim 2 C:\WIN8AIO\sources\install.wim “Windows 8 (64-bit)”

    Windows 8 Enterprise x64

    Imagex /compress maximum /export C:\WIN8Ex64\sources\install.wim 1 C:\WIN8AIO\sources\install.wim “Windows 8 Enterprise (64-bit)”

    imagex exporting images
    Imagex.exe – Exporting Windows image from one WIM to another one.

    When it is done, you’ll have a universal WIM file of Windows 8 containing all editions.

  5. Now, just create a new bootable Windows 8 ISO image or bootable Windows 8 USB stick and burn on a DVD media using any third party software like NERO, ROXIO, and ImageBurn etc.
  6. Windows 8 AIO is now ready to go! And interestingly it weighs 4.11GB only and fits on DVD5 type disc.
Windows 8 AIO ISO – comprising all editions including Enterprise.

If you will find any problem in creating Windows 8 AIO, contact me anytime.

– UPDATED 08/27/2012

41 responses to “How to create Windows 8 AIO (All-In-One) ISO DVD”

  1. Ousmane Sokona Avatar
    Ousmane Sokona

    Can you update this for Windows 10?

  2. Tiago Paulo Avatar
    Tiago Paulo

    Hi, I Download isos 8.1 PRO x86 and X64, but dont have “install.wim” only install.esd, how to solve?

  3. Peter Avatar

    Is it also possible to be able to install OEM and retail keys form the same medium?
    I understand that I can turn a retail ISO into an OEM ISO by adding the ei.cfg into the /sources folder.
    But is there a way that one can install with both keys, without any adjustments?

  4. jay Avatar

    i have aio dvd of windows 8 and a 64 bit laptop.but the setup opens a dialog box to insert the other dvd.what to do?

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