Have you remembered Ferrari Windows 7 Desktop theme. As earlier another Windows 7 desktop theme is available to download at no charge.

Christian Kirchesch, International Site Manager, Windows International Online, has made the Windows 7 Porsche Theme available for download through Windows Live SkyDrive.

Windows 7 Porsche Theme
Windows 7 Porsche Theme

In addition, Kirchesch has also promised that more additional content and new Windows 7 themes will be published on the personalization webpage soon, which may include Ducati, Infiniti and the 20th Century Fox Film “Avatar” desktop themes on GA of Windows 7 i.e. 10/22/2009.


Windows 7 Desktop Porsche Theme


3 responses to “Download Windows 7 Desktop Porsche Theme”

  1. poxitee Avatar

    Cannot download from the link provided… Another link please!!!!!!

    1. Author Avatar

      Updated. :)

  2. Ganesh Avatar

    Nice theme…..Wallpapers are rocking….

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