Over the past few days I received few comments and emails that Bing Dynamic theme pack for Windows 7 is not working or not downloading wallpapers.

Mark says: I downloaded this “Bing Dynamic” theme pack for windows 7. But my desktop went black. I removed and installed the theme again. Still the same problem. what to do? I also checked the wallpaper section in the theme, but wallpaper selected was “Black” under solid colors. What to do?

Roedy Green says: I tried the Bing dynamic background. It stuck on the Japanese garden image. I could not get it to shift to the next image. I rebooted. Now I have a solid black background. I can’t change the theme or background at all. How can I get rid of this thing?

Bing Dynamic goes black

After some R&D, I found that Bing Dynamic syncs desktop backgrounds from bing.com and creates a hidden folder called Enclosure into Temporary Internet Files to store them. All wallpapers are saved in a folder with some random GUID name under Enclosure folder.

And finally I figured that the problem is occurred after cleaning IE cache or Temporary Internet Files using some 3rd party Cleaner/Junk Cleaner utilities which remove Enclosure folder.

You can download Bing Dynamic theme pack from here.

To get back everything working again, you just need to follow these simple steps:
How To:

  1. Run Internet Explorer and Press ALT+C or Open Favorites Center & switch to Feeds tab and delete the following feed
  2. http://themeserver.microsoft.com/default.aspx?p=Bing&c=Desktop&m=en-US

    Deleting Bing Dynamic feed

  3. Open Personalization (Right click on Desktop and choose Personalize) and shuffle or re-select Bing Dynamic theme.
  4. It will prompt to subscribe Bing RSS feed and download attachments to rotate desktop backgrounds automatically or download single desktop background for your desktop. Click on Download Attachments
  5. Resetting Bing RSS feed

  6. Now theme will start downloading desktop backgrounds automatically.

Note: If theme doesn’t start downloading desktop backgrounds, follow the Step: 1 and Refresh the feed instead of deleting it.

Applies To:

  • Windows 7 Home Premium
  • Windows 7 Professional
  • Windows 7 Ultimate
  • Windows 7 Enterprise

10 responses to “FIX: Bing Dynamic is not working or Bing Dynamic not downloading wallpapers”

  1. disqus_gFpMRAPR0d Avatar

    Thanks for the instruction’s, very helpful.

  2. Giho Jeong Avatar
    Giho Jeong


  3. kkw Avatar


  4. Ben Avatar

    I need a solution that doesn’t require internet explorer!

  5. bingo Avatar

    Cheers. Nice work.

  6. Blah Avatar

    Bing hasn’t downloaded any new images for ages, it’s stuck on 65 images and the last image was from July 13th, almost a month ago.

  7. Jarriv Avatar


  8. Eyryer Avatar


  9. Chi Do Avatar
    Chi Do

    This still did not solve it, including the refresh part.

    BUT when I opened the RSS in iexplore, I got the following (Dutch) error:
    De feeds waarop u bent geabonneerd worden niet automatisch bijgewerkt omdat deze instelling is uitgeschakeld.
    Automatisch bijwerken van feeds inschakelen

    Roughly translates to: The feeds you subscribed to are not updated automatically due to the fact that this settings is disabled. Enable automatic feed updates? (yes).

    So enabling the auto-update of RSS feeds solved it for me – but GREAT tip about the temp-files! I will have to keep an eye on that too!

    Thank you,

    Chi Dog,
    [email protected]

  10. sri Avatar

    Thanks very much for this. Had racked my brains enough without getting the solution – your solution is elegant.

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