Microsoft has released Windows 8 to MSDN/TechNet subscribers and few other channels starting from August 15th. Few weeks ago; I got lucky to lay hands on it and I noticed that Windows 8 doesn’t allow keyless installation, like Windows 7, by default.

windows 8 setup product key

But after doing some R&D I have found a way to bypass the product key wizard while performing the installation. And in this article, you’ll learn how to suppress product key prompt while installing Windows 8.

Note: The following method is effective, legal, and does not requires a lot of technical expertise.


How To:

  1. First of all, Download and extract the ISO file of Windows 8 RTM version you own.
  2. Open Notepad to create a file with following code structure and save as ei.cfg in Sources folder.

    {Edition ID}
    {Channel Type}
    {Volume License}

    The edition configuration file (EI.cfg) determines which edition of Windows to install and which license to use during Windows Setup. Where {Edition ID} must be a valid Windows Edition ID such as Core, Professional and Enterprise. {Channel Type} can be OEM or Retail. {Volume License} can be 1 (True) or 0 (False).

    For example:

  3. Now create the bootable ISO or USB stick and burn your product key prompt suppressed Windows 8 installation disc.

33 responses to “How to bypass product key while installing Windows 8”

  1. Mate Palfi Avatar
    Mate Palfi

    How to create this file for Windows 8.1 with Bing? Please help me :)

  2. Martin Roberts Avatar
    Martin Roberts


  3. Martin Roberts Avatar
    Martin Roberts

    What is the assessment and development kit for?

  4. Reriro Avatar

    you gotta be kidding… I essentially have to write my own code to install an updaste on two legal systems with an update that is supposed to be keyless and free? Here’s an amusing detail: Microsoft tech was very generous with tech support (wasting their time) running hours of tests on my machines to see why the 8.1 update was demanding a new key in order to make the upgrade. There was nothing wrong with either of my machines. Please tell Bill to come home for a minute to fix this, uh, minor detail. I still. am on 8. No more time for this stupidity.
    Thanks for your help anyway.

  5. Goku SSJ5 Avatar
    Goku SSJ5


  6. Ravid Febrian Ramadhan Avatar
    Ravid Febrian Ramadhan

    what do you mean by 1(true) n 0(false)?

  7. Geo Gonzalez Avatar
    Geo Gonzalez

    i did this and its not letting me move on it still says invalid product key what should i do?
    please get back at me and thanks

    1. Marko Kraljevic Avatar
      Marko Kraljevic

      Since this is to “bypass the product key wizard while performing the installation” then probably something wasn’t done right, btw.

  8. dvddv Avatar

    what is the edition id for windows 8 pro with media center?? thanks

    1. Ramesh Kumar Avatar
      Ramesh Kumar

      For Windows 8 Pro with MediaCenter, use ProfessionalWMC

    2. dvddv Avatar

      Thank you. YOU ARE THE BEST

  9. Shikhar Gupta Avatar
    Shikhar Gupta

    So must the Volume license be “0” or “1”? Which one allows me to bypass?

    1. Marko Kraljevic Avatar
      Marko Kraljevic

      Volume license (Windows edition, ISO) is something else and had nothing to do with this procedure.

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