Microsoft released total 9 versions of IE and 7 versions of Windows operating systems, but didn’t release Windows platform along with newer IE release. Like IE7 was introduced as an update for Windows XP then packaged Windows Vista. Similarly IE8 was introduced as an update for Windows XP/Vista and then packaged with Windows 7. Every time they introduced IE as an optional upgrade.

But rumors are in wild that for the first time, Microsoft to introduce next version of Internet Explorer (i.e. IE10) with upcoming Windows operating system. This indicates that IE9 has been introduced as game changer, to fill the gap between Internet Explorer and web.

Over the past few years Internet Explorer’s market share reached around 50% from its 88% share in 2003. And on other hand Chrome was becoming popular due to performance and new web standards. But with the advent of IE9, Microsoft has proved, “Why do People like Microsoft products?”

9 Reasons to Love Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft has mended the cracks and at present, IE9 is the fastest browser compared to Chrome 10 and Firefox 4 RC/RC2. If you haven’t tried it then download Internet Explorer 9 for Windows Vista and Windows 7 and experience the beauty of the web.

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