Microsoft Office 2010 Beta for public is about to come with Extended file compatibility and refined user experience, so here are few FAQs of Office 2010 Beta. You may find it useful before take a test drive of Office 2010 Beta.

Q. What is Microsoft Office 2010?
Microsoft Office 2010, previously codenamed Office 14 (14 is the version number), is the future release of the Microsoft Office System; a productivity suite includes desktop (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook etc.) and web (Office Web Apps) applications and the successor of Microsoft Office 2007.

Q. What is Beta release of Office 2010?
Beta release of Office 2010 aka Office 2010 Beta is a pre-release version of next version of Microsoft Office system followed by first major release of Office 2010 Technical Preview.

Q. When will Office 2010 Beta be available?
Microsoft already shut the Technical Preview program and announced that the first official Beta of Microsoft Office 2010 will be available in 2nd half of Nov 2009.

Q. Will the beta be made available to the public?
Yes! The technical preview was invite-only program, but beta will be made available for public as well, where millions of users can take test drive of Office 2010.

Q. Will Office 2010 available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions?
Yes! This is the first time; Microsoft is going to release its most popular productivity suite for both x86 (32bit) and x64(64bit) platforms. We are not sure, “Microsoft may offer to choose between two versions while installing Office 2010 like Windows 7 or release both versions separately.”

Q. Where can I download Office 2010 Beta?
The official beta has been released for public. Get it now.

Q. How do I report bugs of Office 2010 Beta?
You can report any bugs that you found and sometimes minor features you would like to see in the final version using Office SAS (Send A Simile) Tool. Report bugs on Office 2010.

Q. When will Office 2010 Beta expire?
Microsoft Office 2010 Beta is pre-release, time sensitive software, which will expire on October 30, 2010. You may not be able to access data used with the software when it stops running.

Q. What is Office Web Apps?
Office Web Apps are free web-based version of its Office productivity suite, which includes online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

Note: If you know about something Office 2010 that’s not in the FAQ? Write us and we’d like to add it here.

— Updated 11/19/2009

6 responses to “Microsoft Office 2010 Beta FAQs”

  1. Tom Avatar

    My Office2010 (PremiumPlus?) is expiring tomorrow, Apr 11, 2010; what is up with that?

    Got another PID, but now I can’t even get Outlook working…

    1. Author Avatar

      Are you sure ? you are using Office 2010 Premium Plus. FYI there is no edition(SKU) called “Premium Plus”. check it once again.

  2. F.Center Avatar

    I do understand it’s a great tool but as usual with Microsoft software (and many other big shots) they put too much gadgets. This makes the program non so “user friendly” and subject to too many “updates”.
    All this become an evere ending story (even if for free it’s simply annoying).

  3. Andy Newmann Avatar
    Andy Newmann

    I personally tend to favour SSuite Office’s free office suites. Their software also don’t need to run on Java or .NET, like so many open source office suites, so it makes their software very small and efficient.

    1. Author Avatar

      Its just a matter of opinions. Microsoft Office is the only remarkable productivity suite among all.

  4. Daisuke Miyagawa Avatar
    Daisuke Miyagawa

    >Report bugs on Office 2010.

    >Q. When will Office 2010 Beta expire?
    >Microsoft Office 2010 Beta is pre-release, time sensitive software, which will expire on October 30, 2010. You may not be able to access data used with the software when it stops running.

    >expire on October 30, 2010.
    it is November , not October , here in Japan :-)

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