Last time, I blogged The SHA1s and CRC are all different for each Windows 7 x86 ISO and x64 ISO. Why? As I said earlier all Windows 7 ISO images are ALL in ONE images, means The ISOs have all editions of Windows 7. But the question is now that do we have to download every ISO image for each editions and burn separate 8 discs?

After doing some R&D, I have figured out the configuration of ISO’s for a particular edition, so the answer is- You just have to burn 2 discs only to have all editions. One for x86 and one for x64 editions. Just follow the simple steps.

How To:

1. Download any Windows 7 RTM ISO image from MSDN or TechNet websites. Say we have Ultimate edition.

2. Use 7-zip to extract that ISO to a particular folder and go to Source folder and look for ei.cfg file.

EI.cfg is a Windows Setup-specific configuration file used to determine what edition and license will be used during installation. This file replaces PID.txt and is located on the product media under the Sources folder in Windows Vista DVD

To get desired edition-

3. Use Notepad to edit and save this file by change desired EditionID. Valid EditionIDs are:

Edit ei.cfg file

  • Ulimate
  • Professional
  • HomePremium
  • HomeBasic
  • Starter

To get all editions-

4. Just delete the file and finally create the bootable ISO and burn your unlocked disc.

Choose your desired edition

Applies To:

  • Windows 7 family(x86 and x64)
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 family(x86 and x64)

57 responses to “Unlock all editions from Windows 7 ISO image (x86 and x64)”

  1. Jakie Salosa Avatar
    Jakie Salosa

    Thanks for the comment, I’ll try it.

  2. Sam Avatar

    if i’m following correctly take the .iso extract it, select the EditionID (HmPrem in my case) or delete that ei.cfg file, then burn it to a cd/dvd or usb and use that as a recovery disc….right? btw my .iso had Hm Prem listed in the ei.cfg already.

  3. John Safc Walterz Avatar
    John Safc Walterz

    help i have a windows aio disc and i am after striping all the is down to just single os

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