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Today August 15th, 2012, Microsoft releases the RTM version of Windows 8 for MSDN and TechNet subscribers along with an evaluation version of Windows 8 Enterprise to early adopters and developers; if you want to give a try and not sure about minimum system requirements then this blog post helps you to determine whether your existing PC is capable to install it or not.

Microsoft has kept its promise that Windows 8 won’t require any more hardware than Windows 7. Grant George, Corporate VC of Windows Test repeats on Bulding Windows 8 blog what Microsoft has said in the past. So Windows 8 RTM works great on the same hardware that powers Windows Vista and Windows 7:

  • 1 GHz or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
  • 1 GB RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit)
  • 16 GB available hard disk space (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)
  • DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver
  • Taking advantage of touch input requires a screen that supports multi-touch

Got all… Then you can download the Windows 8 RTM and experience first-hand the beautiful, fast and fluid experience.

17 responses to “Windows 8 RTM System Requirements”

  1. Mobin Naim Avatar
    Mobin Naim

    i m running windows 7 but windows 8 wouldn’t install. massage showed : can not meet system requirement

  2. SHan Rocking Avatar
    SHan Rocking

    hey guyz help me plzz,

    i have 2 gb ram , 500 gb hard disk , processor is dual core , and p4 ,for dis requirement i can install w-8 and will it work fullaly , reply me plzzz

  3. Abdallah Freeman Avatar
    Abdallah Freeman

    thank you microsoft

  4. Chief Chomper Avatar
    Chief Chomper

    The new requirement in RP that checks for PAE and NX instruction support means that almost all Pentium 4-class processors (socket 478 vintage) won’t even be able to run setup!
    I don’t think this fits the definition of ‘won’t require any new hardware’…

  5. Daniel Avatar

    I can say that everything works great other then the default metro apps. Like I can use IE but from desktop launch not the metro area. control panel, desktop does launch from the metro area. all drivers workd find, but the audio drivers did not install correct. I had to use windows 7 realtek HD drivers. I also noticed unlike windows 7 you can not install programs on to the sd card. Windows 7 you could. I do like how flash player works in ie unlike in windows 7 it was so laggy and buggy. My atom N455 loads facebook apps up very quick unlike windows 7 they would never load. I can also watch flash video’s with out any problems in windows 8. It would be nice if you did not have to log out then turn the tablet off. that seems to be 1 too many steps. The install on my tablet is just over 13 gb’s. It would be nice if that was about 4 gb’s less.

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