As we know Windows Live Wave 4 is coming soon and few changes have been done already to Hotmail. Currently changes are available to selected users of Windows Live Hotmail and good thing is that our few accounts have been upgraded to Wave 4.

In the post, you will find changes, that have been seen so far to Hotmail and will be rolled out soon to everyone.

What’s new in Windows Live Hotmail

Auto Refresh Inbox: Inbox is refreshed when a user is logged into WebIM, instead of after 60 seconds.

Auto Save Drafts: Emails automatically saved to drafts as they are composed.  Current auto save is set to 3 minutes.

Keyboard Shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts are introduced, including shortcuts to match both Yahoo and Gmail. See Windows Live Hotmail Shortcuts.

Change keyboard shortcuts

Contact Picker Improvements:

# Edit contacts in compose

Edit email addresses

# Recent email data used in Auto-Complete and Contact Picker

Select Email Adresses

# Copy/Paste enabled in Internet Explorer

# “Verify Recipients” feature added

Download all attachments: Multiple attachments to an email can be downloaded together as a .ZIP file.

Download all attachments as ZIP file

WebIM Contact List: “View Online Contacts” added.

View Online Contacts

Mobile browser improvements: backend changes are being made to improve and optimize mobile performance.

Action Bar at bottom of page: Reply/Forward/Delete is now available from both the top and bottom of an email.

4 responses to “Windows Live Wave 4: What’s new in Windows Live Hotmail”

  1. Vasu Avatar

    Nice features.. but almost very similar to gmail features !! thwever other features nt covered here but by vasudevg has impressed me abt wave 4

  2. VS Dude Avatar
    VS Dude

    This is typical for Microsoft. Once a product is introduced, it tends to stagnate for quite some time.

  3. Lorenzo Avatar

    Yeah Leo, I’m disappointed too. If Live is going to catch up to GMail or what Yahoo’s doing, adding keyboard shortcuts and a menu option for contacts isn’t going to help much. They need something to pull users away from the other services. The “Windows Live” link isn’t even on Bing anymore. Just Hotmail. I know so many on Gmail and I hate that.

  4. leo Avatar

    aren’t few changes? last update was a year ago! where are the new features, themes, group messaging, improved contact management, etc..
    i liked, but i cant hide i’m little disapointed.

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